SoundCollaboration ist ein Workshop über Leadership und Teamwork mit dem Gémeaux Quartett und Kathy Hartmann-Campbell, der sich an Firmen und Betriebe richtet, die auf unkonventionelle und plastische Art Einblicke in Teamarbeit und Leadership bekommen möchten anhand eines Streichquartetts als Prototyp einer kleinen Firma. Dieser Workshop wird bisher nur in englischer Sprache angeboten.

The harmony of a string quartet is one of the most powerful expressions of teamwork and exquisite communication. The international prize-winning Gémeaux Quartett shares their secrets of top performance with you, facilitated by communications consultant and trainer Kathy Hartmann-Campbell.

Technical skills alone are not enough to create world class performance. Succeeding in today's demanding, matrixed business world requires the ability to collaborate, share leadership, and influence others. Self-awareness and self-management skills are essential for thriving in this volatile and complex environment. Intercultural competence, dedication, and emotional intelligence are keys to competing globally.

Observing the musicians' interactions and hearing the results when all these elements are in place, and when they are missing, will demonstrate their importance in a captivating, inspiring and unforgettable way. 

Empfehlung von Stephan Feldhaus (Roche) (PDF)